Rain Dates & Refunds


Themed Weekends:


For our regular themed camping weekends or day passes, when you make a paid camping reservation, you may request a full refund at any time before 30 days after the last regular camping event of the current camping season. Camping is $25 per person per night. Day passes are $15. If you decide to only stay one night and paid $50 we will refund you $50, if you request it before 30 days, after the last trip of the season. We will also carry forward any paid reservation nights to be applied to future trips (Excluding the FABFest). All refund requests should be emailed to members@OutCamping.org




Camping in the rain is no fun and can even be dangerous with rapid changing river conditions. Because so much planning and prepaid expenses go into an event like the FAB Festival we are forced to have a ticket sales closing date. This year the ticket sales closing date is August 5, 2019. After this date all ticket sales are final and you will only be entitled to a 50% cash refund on the price you paid for your ticket. The FAB Festival is a rain or shine event. Only in the rare chance that we are forced to cancel the event because of serious bad weather conditions will the 50% refund policy become effective. If on August 6th the National Weather Service is predicting a hurricane or severe weather to hit the farm on the FAB Festival event weekend, all tickets will be automatically refunded at 100% value.


We understand that things happen and plans change, that is why we have no problem giving anyone a 100% refund as long as your refund request is received before the ticket sales closing date,August 5, 2019. All ticket sales are final after this date. No tickets will be sold after August 5, 2016. No refunds will be given after this date. If you fail to show up to the event you will not receive a refund. All refund requests should be emailed to members@OutCamping.org


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