What To Pack


If you think you might need it, you should probably bring it! Basic items should include: tent, air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow, sheets, blankets, clothing, swimming suit, towels, food and drinks (including libations), cookware and utensils, pots and pans for cooking, coolers stocked with ice, paper towels, flash light, river shoes (a must), suntan lotion, bug spray, candles, a chair to sit on around the fire, rope (to dry out wet clothes), inner tube or raft for the river, poncho or rain gear. These are just a few suggestions, and the rest is entirely up to you! 




What Not To Pack



Weapons of any kind are not allowed. Other items that should be left at home for the safety of all of our campers include aggressive dogs, cats, or all terrain vehicles (ATV/ATC) .