FABFest Activities


The most popular activity is swimming, floating, and soaking in the Shenandoah River. When we are camping at site number nine, we have the Ledge. The Ledge is one of the best places to relax and enjoy the warm water and be entertained by the canoes that attempt to go over the Ledge. In the late summer, the river level can be very low after weeks of no rain. When this happens, a canoe must know how to read the river and see where to go over. For canoes that attempt to cross in the middle of the river, they are heading for disaster. The most enjoyable spectacles are the canoes loaded down with three people, a dog, a few coolers, boom box, lounge chairs, cell phones, backpacks, and few towels. These overweight barges hit the Ledge like the Titanic in the Arctic Sea. They come to a sudden stop, then the river pushes the back of the canoe parallel with the Ledge and over they go, sideways.  The reactions of these people that were at peaceful bliss one moment, to what the hell just happened, makes for endless hours of cheap entertainment from the shoreline. 


If you enjoy canoeing, the Shenandoah River has a many canoe companies that serve the South Fork between Luray and Front Royal. We recommend the Down River Canoe Company. Down River is located within a few miles of the campsite. As long as our group rents six or more canoes they will pick us up in the van with a trailer full of canoes and drive us a few miles upriver. At the end of the day, you bring your canoe ashore at the campsite and Down River will come pickup their canoes. 


This website has no affiliation with the Down River Cane Company. If you want to rent canoes for a group our just the two of you, you must make advanced reservations directly with Down River. Small groups and couples will want to make sure their up early on Saturday morning for the short drive to the canoe company. Be on time for your scheduled canoe trip. On busy days, your canoe can be sold to the standbys that just show up without a reservation hoping to get a canoe from the late comers. If you want to help coordinate or join a DRC canoe trip, we suggest that you checkout the discussion forums to keep in touch with other interested canoeists.


Another option to canoeing is tubing or floating down river. While renting a tube at the canoe company is always an option, we suggest that you bring your own floating device and take advantage of the long shoreline the farm has to offer. If you drop your tube or raft in at campsite #11, you can spend the next hour or so floating down river to campsite #1. 


If you’re not a big fan of the water don’t worry, you will not be alone on the side of the river with nothing to do. Many campers donít even bother getting their feet wet. We have campers that during the day enjoy all kinds of very creative non-water activities. Please keep in mind that itís perfectly fine if you choose to sit around and do nothing all day long. Itís your time away from the world and back to nature, it should be spent anyway you want.



Camping Activities:


  1. Swim the Shenandoah

  2. Sunbathe on a Raft

  3. Enjoy the River Jacuzzi

  4. Float down the Siver

  5. Watch the Sunset

  6. Watch the Sunrise

  7. Enjoy Conversations Around The Campfire

  8. Read a book/magazine

  9. Dance (there will be plenty of that)

  10. Build a Campfire

  11. Have a Beer/Cocktail

  12. Try Cooking a Meal Over the Campfire.

  13. Go Canoeing

  14. Go Kayaking

  15. Go Fishing

  16. Play Volleyball 

  17. Fly-A-Kite

  18. Play a Cards or a Board Game

  19. Go Hiking

  20. Lay in a hammock

  21. Listen to music

  22. Make a new friends

  23. Take pictures - the scenery is gorgeous.

  24. Watch the Canoes

  25. Just Chill Out.

  26. Visit Shenandoah National Park

  27. Play Cornhole.

  28. Watch the Fireworks

  29. Try New Kinds of Food.

  30. Learn how to cook in a dutch oven.

  31. Watch the Eagle's Nest

  32. Build Something.

  33. Write, Paint, or be creative.

  34. Take A Nap.

  35. Decorate Your Tent For the Tent Contest.