What Should I Expect When I'm Camping?

You should expect to have a great time! The entire weekend is a time to unwind and relax with a fun group of people. This is a no frills type of camping weekend, but we have added some perks:


  • Clean Porta Potties

  • Stocked, Chopped Firewood

  • Large Food Preparation Area

  • Daily Trash Pick-Up

What Will I Do When I'm Camping?

A Standard Weekend on Camping May Include:Swiming in  the Shenandoah, Sunbathing on a Raft, Enjoying the River Jacuzzi, Floating down the River, Watching the Sunset/Sunrise, Enjoying Conversations Around The Campfire, Reading a book/magazine, Dancing, Building a Campfire, Have a Beer/Cocktail, Learning How To Cook a Meal Over the Campfire, Going Canoeing or Kayaking, Going Fishing, Playing Volleyball, Flying-A-Kite, Playing a Cards or Board Games, Going on a Hike,Laying in a hammock, Listening to music, Making new friends, Taking pictures - the scenery is gorgeous, Watching the Canoes, Chilling Out or Taking A Nap, Visiting Shenandoah National Park, Playing Cornhole/Horse Shoes, Trying New Kinds of Foods, Learning how to cook cobbler in a dutch oven, Watching the Eagle's Nest, Writing, Painting or Relasing Your Creative Outlet.Truly, the river experience has a lot to offer. There are no set schedules, so you set the rules. 

Are There Showers or Bathrooms?


There are no showers. However, don't let that stop you from coming on a camping weekend. The Shenandoah River is clean, clear, and refreshing and it certainly does the job!




Yes, there are several clean porta potties located throughout the campsites. Unlike most porta potties, these stay very clean and comes fully stocked with 2 rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 



Running Water:

There is no drinkable water source, so be sure to purchase several jugs/gallons of water.