Camping Activities



What you choose to do over the weekend is entirely up to you. Here are a few activities that you can expect over the weekend:



Camping Activities:


  1. Swim the Shenandoah

  2. Sunbathe on a Raft

  3. Enjoy the River Jacuzzi

  4. Float down the Siver

  5. Watch the Sunset

  6. Watch the Sunrise

  7. Enjoy Conversations Around The Campfire

  8. Read a book/magazine

  9. Dance (there will be plenty of that)

  10. Build a Campfire

  11. Have a Beer/Cocktail

  12. Try Cooking a Meal Over the Campfire.

  13. Go Canoeing or Kayaking.

  14. Go Fishing

  15. Play Volleyball 

  16. Fly-A-Kite

  17. Play a Cards or a Board Game

  18. Go Hiking

  19. Lay in a hammock

  20. Listen to music

  21. Make a new friends

  22. Take pictures - the scenery is gorgeous.

  23. Watch the Canoes

  24. Just Chill Out or Take A Nap.

  25. Visit Shenandoah National Park

  26. Play Cornhole.

  27. Try New Kinds of Food.

  28. Learn how to cook in a dutch oven.

  29. Watch the Eagle's Nest

  30. Write, Paint, or be Creative.