Arrival & Check-In


If this is your first time camping with OutCamping on The Farm we highly recommend that you arrive during the day. Unless you know the lay of the land at each campsite, you might have a difficult time finding a place to setup at night. If you’re a 1st timer, please ask around for the host and we will assist you in finding a place to pitch your tent.


For a Site Map, Click Here.


Each numbered campsite is large and individual campsites are on a first come, first serve basis. Please arrive early if you want a spot on the river. If you can safely drive your vehicle to the spot where you want to set up your tent, please do so to unload your gear, then park your vehicle in the field. Do not leave your vehicle parked in the wooded area. 


You will have to sign a release form. Massanutten Canoe Company, the owner of the property is very strict about this. The camp host will ask you to sign a release form soon after you arrive. Payment can be made for the weekend by cash or credit / debit card when you check-in. 


If you are stopped by pick-up truck, that's Most likely Tom. He is the owner of the property and in charge of all camping activity on the farm. Tom is the law of the land! Please let him know you're with OutCamping and you will be fine.